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Grief & Gratitude Coaching

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Descripción del servicio

Grief is unique to the person living it. Therefore the approach to navigating grief, is unique as well. The coaching I do is personalized to you! Whether you are experiencing grief after the death of a loved one, or grief from another major life transition, like loss of job, loss of dreams, loss of identity, adapting to a big change in your life including moving, getting married, having children etc. During our conversations we will look at practical ways of helping you in your grief. Exploring different tools that can help you navigate it a little easier, as well as supporting you by being a listening ear. You can schedule as many calls as you see fit for you. During each call we will explore what is mostly coming up in your grief on that day, as well as focusing on the things you are grateful for and that you will use as anchors. After each call you will receive an email from me with the information we covered, along with things you can put into practice. My goal as a coach, is that you feel empowered in your grief journey! Apply to find out more about working with me.

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