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About Me

Hi I'm Kendra Rinaldi, the host of the podcast and I’m here to walk along side you  as we navigate the ups and downs of life, especially the tricky terrain of grief and those transformative moments that fall right in between.

So, what's my deal? Well, besides hosting the "Grief, Gratitude and the Gray in Between" podcast, I'm an intuitive  grief and life transitions coach.

 My mission is all about creating a  space for people like us who want to feel seen and heard on our own grief journeys. Through my podcast, I've had some powerful chats with guests who've been through it all, and they're sharing how they found growth and healing in some tough times. We're talking about everything from dealing with the loss of loved ones to the strategies and tools that helped them heal.

My own journey through grief and change has been a real rollercoaster. I've gone through relocations, career shifts, and, sadly, the mourning of some dear family members, including my beloved sister, my mother, and even the loss of an unborn child. These experiences led me to become an intuitive grief coach and facilitator, all because I wanted to accompany others on their paths.

Let's rewind a bit: I'm originally from Colombia and came to the United States all by myself right after high school. That was a big change, let me tell you! Then, tragedy struck when my sister, Zorana, passed away in a car accident at just 18 years old, in 1996. That moment changed my family's life forever.

I found love and built a family with my amazing husband, Carlos Andres. We've experienced the heartbreak of losing our first child during pregnancy, and are parents of two teenagers, Mateo and Mila. In 2016, my mother battled pancreatic cancer, and I was there with her, along with our entire family, as she transitioned from this world. It was an incredibly spiritual experience.

After my mom's passing, I started volunteering with a non-profit organization called Journey of Hope, helping families dealing with loss. Around the same time, I started my journey as a coach, aiming to guide folks who were feeling lost in the complicated world of emotions.

Fast forward to March 2020, and that's when the "Grief, Gratitude and the Gray in Between" podcast came to life. It was a labor of love, created to offer comfort and wisdom to those trying to navigate the maze of grief. Through shared stories, some deep thinking, and lots of empathy, I want you to remember that you're not alone on this journey.

Thank you for letting me be part of your story. Let's keep exploring life's twists and turns, finding strength in shared experiences, and discovering the resilience within us all.

With gratitude,

Kendra Rinaldi




Podría decirte que el dolor se volverá más fácil ... pero eso sería mentira. Es como si te dijera que el océano nunca volvería a tener grandes olas. Pero lo que puedo decir es que te volverás más fuerte y podrás navegar las olas de dolor con más gracia cada vez.  A pesar de que  todavía puede haber algunos que te derribarán, pero de alguna manera, te las arreglas para salir a la superficie una vez más. Te vuelves más fuerte, aunque no lo ves al principio.

Estoy aquí para ayudarte en el proceso. Una conversación podría ser suficiente para saber si tenerme como guía  es el adecuado para ti.

Reserve su sesión de descubrimiento hoy. 

Dolor y gratitud

El duelo es exclusivo de la persona que lo vive. Por lo tanto, el enfoque para navegar por el duelo también es único. ¡El coaching que hago es personalizado para ti!

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